As mindfulness, meditation and a thoughtful lifestyle have been increasing in trend, so have the lovely malas that are associated with this type of culture. But gone are the days where you have to go to India to get a mala after living on an Ashram or completing 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. They are becoming more regularly available to the masses, but you still want to opt for malas made with natural stones and minerals. 

Using mindfulness to create our malas, we’ve made it a little easier for you to find a mala for yourself or someone else that carries as much beauty, energy and meaning as the tradition did thousands of years ago. But when do you know it’s time to get yourself one of these beautiful emblems of peace and prosperity, and when is it time to gift one to someone else? 

When cleansing energy is needed

After going through an experience that is traumatic, toxic or a new start is simply needed, wearing a mala as an energy cleansing reminder. White crystals and moonstones are known to have that type of effect, promoting tranquility and new beginnings. Like our Howlite Mala, made from the strength-building stone that welcomes change and perseverance. 


When it’s time to bring some calm into your life

If you or a loved one is picking up the positive habit of meditation, a calm mind is a happy mind and the vibrations of our minerals can help with that. Malas have been used as a meditation tool for centuries and different stones like amethyst are wonderful for bringing calm and soothing anxiety. 




When you want to welcome love 

The vibrations of a stone’s energy can be powerful and effective when introduced into your life. Stones like rose quartz coupled with a meditation that’s centered around visualizing happiness and manifesting love into your life is what one can expect from a gorgeous pale pink mala adorned with loving rose quartz stones. 



When you’re channeling your chakras

Malas that combine powerful stones such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, emperor stone, jasper, and agate can promote mindful meditation, wisdom, and spiritual alignment as each respective stone is meant to connect to one of the 7 chakras. Our styles of assorted stone malas are perfect to wear around your neck while you’re meditating, and also wonderful to gift to a meditation enthusiast. Anybody who wants to learn about channeling their chakras will appreciate the magical and powerful combination of these stones.



When you (or someone else) are just getting into the beautiful world of mindfulness

Whether you want to celebrate the completion of a yoga teacher training, a silent retreat, you had an “eat, pray, love” moment in Bali last year and have started meditating every year - or maybe you just love the way the mala looks - there really isn’t any reason that should discourage you from bringing a mala into your life, or gifting it to someone else! Malas are beautiful, promote clean, positive energy and they make people feel good. So why wouldn’t you give someone a gift like that?

Shop our mala collection now to find the perfect mala that will compliment the journey you or your friend are going on. It’s always the right time to include a mala into your life, but the perfect combination of stones will make its frequency that much sweeter.

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